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WordPress installed on a VPS

Why WordPress?

Self-hosted or Self-managed is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS), Stats show that WordPress powers about 40% of the World websites. Folks over at Wpforms have got a detailed reasons why WordPress is the best choice for 2022.

Lets Get Started.

  • Step one.

You should have a domain name where you will be serving your WordPress site, Namesilo has got cheapest domain names, Cloudfare, Google as offers domains but if you want a hands-off kind of service you can get domains from GoDaddy. I honestly love GoDaddy due to their exceptional service

Get a Virtual Private Server - VPS. There are a lot of companies that offer VPS services. These include GoDaddy, HostGator, Hostinger, Contabo and many more. But for this article we will use Contabo and I will share with you how to install WordPress on it. 

Why Contabo 

Simply, because Contabo in terms of pricing and resources Contabo is the best that i can see. One site h-supertools is handling over a million traffic and it is hosted on Contabo.
You should keep note that Contabo charge a one-time VPS setup fee for each VPS you choose. The is about 10dollars depending on where you live. 

Contabo Pricing

We can start with six, $7 with 4 cores and 8GB of RAM, I don't think there's another service that gives you the same resources with this price. So simply go to VPRC high-performance VPs and select this VBS. Now go down and here in the apps and panels, make sure to select the last on Linux. It will cost you 12 euros or 13 units per month.

Believe me, it is the cheapest service compared with anything you want, then go down and enter a root password for your server then next and all the these VPS. If you don't have an account, just sign up. I don't want to waste your time now signing up. So. Log in and then order and pay and for a couple of minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes one hour you will get an email from Contabo exactly like this one.

You will have the IP address and you will have access. You are stop number two. It's two-point and maps your domain name to you. VBS IP address. Simply copy the VPs IP here. Go to your domain provider. In my case, it's GoDaddy, I would pick a testing domain. Let's say this one goes to DNS settings and simply just change the main, a record, click, edit the value-based and.

That's now our domain is pointing to our VPS server. Step number three, install WordPress. Look how easy it is. Click on this address, the PLS admin panel URL, and simply log in with your root user and password and log in here. We all click on websites and domains. You see this screen it's empty. Click add.

Host your website with Managed WordPress for $1.00/mo with GoDaddy!

And simply get your domain here. I will copy it and paste it here, then a domain. Very nice. Let's now install WordPress. Click on this button. Here is Seoul, WordPress, and here we are. Just make sure to enter a password here for you. We're a press website and there's the username. I will say here, my name and installed.

Just wait a little bit. And here we are WordPress. Okay. Installed now let's add a free ACEL certificate to secure our website, click here or no certificate. Get an SSL certificate and then install a free basic certificate, provide by let's encrypt and stall. Get it three. And here we are. We installed as a cell on our domain.

Let's go back to websites and domains. Let's opp. And here we are our WordPress websites secure with us. What's nice. You can simply add more domains, more websites on the same server. So you can host multiple websites on this single server and save a lot of money and get high-performance with this VPs server.

Of course, later on, you can scale it up when you have more and more. Also, you will have access to the mail section here so he can create business emails, send emails, receive emails in this panel. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, you can always contact me on the forum, EG to, or simply join us on telegram to chat together, to help each other.

I'll be more than happy to chat with you. And if it's your first time here on my channel, don't forget. Hit the subscribe button, talk to vacations to get every new update Sealy.

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