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Welcome to BuyForCheap Now Oriner

We are proud to become part of this journey with Oriner to professionalize and provide content that is more relevant to our audience in the business or looking to enter the business information space. Oriner will provide information and news related to growth, review products and offer recommendations as well as exclusive offers. BuyForCheap will still operate on Facebook Under Oriner supervision, but the domain will shutdown.

BuyForCheap is a platform where people can find products with the best offers, where to find them and information. We come to address the issues where the same product is listed with different prices on a platform. So what we do is to find for you that product with the best offer. The time has come for you to stop spending hours search for the best offer on Amazon or Jumia or Ebay. Meet BuyForCheap Amazon, with a little twist.

Who is behind BuyForCheap (the platform)

My name is John Katimbo, 23, at the time of this writing, i live in Kampala, Uganda. I am also doing a bachelor of Science degree with Education at Makerere University Kampala  . I love reading and finding solutions ( Usually those that can help me cut down the cost). I believe that new innovations should not cost the customer. 

I started BuyForCheap in 2018 as a Facebook page, looking for products with a lower price tag and displaying them for sale with now additional cost. Though this seemed to attract customers, i didn't make a single sale. Yes i didn't.

I realised I'm not good at sales, earlier this year, i bought domain name (yes i know it's not cheap). My plan was to build an ecommerce website on WordPress using woocommerce. 

I got everything ready i bought hosting from namesilo hosting, downloaded all the themes and plugins. Set everything up to my dismay, the platform was so slow at loading. 

I looked up for solutions on the internet but they all seemed not to work and what would work is very high price tier or you can call it semi-dedicated/ dedicated hosting. Which for my case is damn expensive (as a college student ) and i couldn't commit over $30/month for the platform so i shut everything down. 

In late October, i realised that i can help people find the best products at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing my money. So i moved to Blogger (which this website is currently hosted on) due to the fact that its free and fast.
I have hope that you will have the best experience while you're here. 

What will BuyForCheap Offer

  • Free Downloads. From books, reports, Android Apps, Ebooks and more
  • Offers and Freebies. You will get shopping coupons from major online retailers.
  • Products recommendations ( at a lower cost ) and where to buy them from.
  • Product videos and tutorials.
  • Product Features and comparisons. From Electronics to services like web hosting, design.
  • Online Security news. You get information on how to keep safe while shopping online ( Its the new normal in this COVID19 pandemic period).
  • Latest technology news.

Will BuyForCheap live to stay?

I am hopeful that BuyForCheap will stay for ever and will continue to evolve into a big brand. BuyForCheap LLC after registration  will be a subsidiary of Gasheer LLC ( a technology company I'm building ). Gasheer LLC has a long timeline of projects that have been delayed due to funding.

Can you trust BuyForCheap?

Short answer yes, transparency runs in our blood and in our projects. You have a reason to trust us. We will keep any information you share with us (that is not public) as a secret. And we will never send you spam emails or  send you to spam websites.

Final Remarks

Enjoy your stay here and send in your feedback whenever you can. This will help us improve and offer a better product. Trust we get more people to join Gasheer LLC as company to build the next generation of Enterprise software. (I really wanted to say the next generation Google)


BuyForCheap -
John Katimbo - [email protected]

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