Get free backlinks, Guest Blogging, traffic and more when you write for Oriner (2021)

Everyone starting out in the writing (blogging) and creative industry always looks for exposure but it can take several months to get the exposure you want when you have a tight budget. Oriner is a great place to start when you're looking to build your online empire. 

Oriner receives a considerable amount of daily traffic, with a growing social network audience of 20k+ followers (on and off Oriner collectively across Gasheer LLC networks). As you've already noticed Oriner target audience is a reader of the niches of SEO, how-to, business news, writing tips, product reviews, affiliate marketing, and alike.

Many sites (fully established) get considerable amounts of traffic, they sell you backlinks but still make revenue off your post. With oriner, we don't charge you because we will still make money off your post for as long as it's on our site. Oriner is connected to several other sites, we work hard to get traffic to our site, and consequently to your post.

We make money from high-paying affiliate networks, we don't want to exploit other people who are also trying to create an authority on the internet. We don't lock you in, we remove your post whenever you request.

What is in for you, writing, guest blogging on oriner

  • Build your an online presence and social following
  • Develop your domain authority
  • Improve your credibility and writing skills
  • Get free backlinks or clicks to products you're promoting
  • Build high quality and organic traffic to your site
  • and more

What you should write about

Here is a list of posts we are interested in

  • SEO tips and tricks
  • Business news posts
  • How-to posts
  • Software and tech  reviews
  • Product press releases
  • Infographic posts
  • Site optimization
  • Content marketing

Posts we reject

  • Posts that promote hate
  • Post that promotes modern-day slavery
  • Posts that promote drugs
  • Spammy content

NB: If you are not sure of the kind of post you want to submit. try sending it and our team will evaluate and get back to you via email. All post-submission requests should be in plain English, any other language will be rejected.

How to write a post (Guide template).

The structure of the post to follow before you submit a post

Outline: [the Title]

Keyword: [Enter Targeted Keyword]

Keyword MSV: [Enter Targeted Keyword’s Monthly Search Volume]

Author: [Enter Author Name]

Due Date: [Enter Due Date]

Publish Date: [Enter Desired Publish Date]

Target Persona: [Enter Targeted Reader and/or Buyer Persona]


[Post Title]

Your title should be 60 characters or less. it should show what you're about to take talk about, for example, your post is a how-to post begin with 'How To...'


Write a reader-catching introduction, of 100 - 200 words. Prepare your reader 

What is it, and Why Does it Matter?

Tell the reader what you're talking about and why it matters. define the unique terms for the user to get an idea of what you are talking about

[Task] Body

This should take the bulk of your writing. provide clear, concise, and accurate information and use head sections and images, gifs, videos where necessary.

If you are writing a how-to post, provide a step-by-step explanation that is clear for easy follow along.


Wrap up your amazing new blog post with a great closing. 

Remind your readers of the key takeaway you want them to walk away with and consider pointing them to other resources you have on your website. 


Place a call-to-action at the bottom of your blog post. 

This should be a lead-generating piece of content or a sales-focused landing page for a demo or consultation. 

For example, if your product or service helps your readers do what it is they searched “how to” do, or if you have a template in your content resource library that does what they searched “how to” do, that would be a perfect CTA for this post. 


Include information about yourself and what you do

Include your social networks and website link


Checklist Before submitting

  • Did you provide clear, actionable steps to accomplishing the task your reader needed help with?
  • Did you provide relevant and accurate facts and stats to prove your understanding of the concept?
  • Did you emphasize the importance of understanding this concept if it is not already well-known?
  • Did you properly cite and backlink your sources?
  • Did you spell-check and proofread?
  • Desirable post length 800 - 1200words
  • Should include at least two images

Got from HubSpot

Resources you may need while writing

I personally use Google docs for writing and the explore feature

Install Grammarly to check for writing errors in your post.

Use Semrush tools for SEO and keywords analysis

create and edit your post images on Canva

Create your landing pages on Groove funnels

If you need help, contact us here with your request and we will send you a comprehensive template or guide to follow while writing your article.

How to submit a post

Submitting a post to oriner is that simple, prepare your post following all the standards we have highlighted. Make sure you write your post in google docs and obtain the share link.

Visit the contact page on Oriner,  to write us an email.

Use the subject 'backlink post or Promotion'. In the message body, tell us about yourself and include the link to the google docs, post/ article.

We will review your submission and your post will be published within 2 working days if it meets the standard.

You will receive an email once your post has been published with a link to it.

Please feel free to contact us when you need help or comment on this post below. we will respond in a couple of hours.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to reject or edit your post to match our writing style standard, if you ever wish to remove your post from Oriner be sure to send us a request and your removal request will be processed within 5 working days.

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