Is Gasheer Hosting worth your money and time?

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My friends constantly want to know where I get my domain names. That is what prompted me to write this article. It's odd, but I founded my own Hosting Company so that I could buy domain names and hosting for myself. Of course, not from the ground up, but with some assistance from other parties.


It's because I was fed up with my prior domain name registry's customer service (which I won't say here). It's possible that they'll promote low costs for the first year, but then raise the renewal price dramatically.

My domain name was registered one day, at a low price, and then it was canceled without explanation, and despite my efforts to contact customer service, they did not refund my money.

That aggravation pushed me to start Gasheer Hosting, a company where I offer hosting and domain names as well as purchase such services for myself and clients.. 

What is Gasheer Hosting?

On the about page, 'Gasheer Hosting is a fledged hosting provider working successfully for the last 12 years.' this isn't made up, the service provider we work with has been in business for over 10year and yes we took that.

But Gasheer Hosting is part of a great empire Called Gasheer we are building which included this very blog (Oriner). Did i mention i from Gasheer Hosting? or just did.

Back to Business, with the Gasheer Hosting platform, customer care is not as complicated, like the big names make it and the service as a whole shouldn't.

What Do I Get with Gasheer Hosting?

First and foremost, we do not charge for priority assistance; we supply it to anyone who needs it as long as they have an account with us. Second, I guarantee low pricing and the greatest service in the field of hosting and domain names. You can also reach out to me, the CEO and Founder ([email protected]).

Where other provider charge you for privacy and domain lock, with Gasheer its included free with every domain name order. 

We will never ever lock you in, if you find a better service provider, we will help you have a smooth migration to your new home.

You dont need to find a calculator and look for the currency exchange charts. We charge you in your local currency and accepts paypal, crypto, Visa and Master card.

Gasheer Hosting payment options


You might ask, now where did you buy the domain name your hosting company, i bought it from one of the founding partners here at Gasheer.


The question was, Is Gasheer Hosting worth your money and time? Yes, 5 Stars or 100%. Try Gasheer Hosting today and have your ever wanted peace come true.


Gasheer Hosting is a fladged hosting provider with over 10years of experience made my me (John Katimbo).


  1. Hosting (Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting)
  2. Domain Names
  3. Addons (Server monitoring, Dedicated IP, SEO and Marketing)


  1. Priority Customer service (via chat and tickets)
  2. Privacy and domain name lock
  3. 2Factor Authentication
  4. Affordable premium services
  5. Universal payments (Supports local currency, Crypto, and paypal).
  6. Easy to use dashboard or panel - Beautify built for you from us
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