What is blogger and beyond.

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What is blogger

Blogger is a free blog service provided by Google where you can publish, create and share content in any niche you want. Just like WordPress, Blogger is an online content management system - CMS. If you have a Google account, you can access blogger, create and host as many Blogspot sites. Most people, especially students find blogger an easier way to start a blog without burning a lot of money on hosting.


The development ecosystem of blogger.com is not as robust as most popular Content Management Systems. The knowledge base is still low, even though the platform has been around since 1999.

Blogger does not give you access to the root folder of your website. In other words, you can not upload a file to the root folder like sw.js to example.com/sw.js.

The development platform is online-only accessible a blogger.com. There is no way you can host a blogger website locally or access the database.

The development language is XHTML (eXtended Markup Language - XML combined by HyperText Markup Language - HTML) and JavaScript.Advantages. (Note: The platform is built using Python and the content is hosted on googles own database server - Cloud Spanner )


I won’t go into the battle, comparing different CMS platforms with Blogger. This is my personal view, I’ve been using WordPress on my server but I had to always to visit my site to see whether it works.

And most like you will see ERROR ESTABLISHING DATABASE CONNECTION. That’s my most annoying WordPress error. 

When deciding to start a blog, you'll want to consider the advantages of using a publishing platform like Blogger or a content management system like WordPress.- Hubspot

With blogger, I don’t have to worry about server errors despite the fact that the platform, is free. So my site has a guaranteed 100% uptime, except in an unlikely event when google servers go down.

This saves you time and helps you focus on creating content and making money off of it, by monetizing it, as an affiliate or AdSense.

Blogger gives, a free subdomain on .blogspot.com like https://oriner20.blogspot.com, where https://www.oriner.com is hosted.

What about plug-ins? I know you might want to ask. In blogger, they are called gadgets. There are some of them you can add to your website and Elsight has a number of them you can add to your blogger website.

As you already noticed, Oriner is hosted on blogger.com. Is it awesome?. At first, blogger inbuilt templates were not aesthetically pleasing to me, and wanted more. I wanted a more custom website, being able to control each part of my site, just like you would do with WordPress.

Just recently I switched all my focus to creating my content on blogger. Being a one-man solder, I don’t want to waste time trying to fix bugs in the backend.  I know blogger is kinda complex in terms of development but thing complexity narrows down when you have a template.

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