An Email To Internet Friend: Its Time To Make Some Money

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Hello, my dear friend,

I hope you are in good health. It has been a while since our last email, I understand you're busy but please send me feedback by replying to this email.

Today I was searching the internet about gigs and I landed on this. Did you know that, in 2020, the gig economy grew by 33%, growing 8.25x faster than the overall US economy? In the same year, 2 million Americans tried gig work for the first time, and the gig economy now employs 34% of all US workers.

People search, 'how to make money online' every day on Google, the search volume being 100. Digging through the data, Some people

  1. want to earn without doing anything
  2. want to work but they don't want to learn a new skill
  3. want to work and willing to learn a new skill.

So this email, I will tell you some tools you can use to make a living online, (if you don't know).

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With the lazy method, you need to sign up for survey sites like inbox dollars, swagbux, and other similar sites with pay you to do small tasks like watching videos, reviewing audio. But that can take like forever to get your first payout, If you're willing to learn a new skill, go to Youtube search for any skill, for example 'copy writing'.

When you feel you have mastered the skill, go to Fiverr or any other freelance marketplace and set up your gig then open a new Tiktok business account, this is where you will share your process of the named skill using popular sounds, be sure to link to your Fiverr gigs page or your website if you have one.

Building a website should not be hard, you may go to BlueHost which offers a free domain name with hosting, Namesilo (Use New2022 to get $1off) which is my personal favorite (they both have drag and drop editors with templates, you don't need to be techy). You will need a digital marketing suite, I use Mailchimp, GetResponse, Systeme (the one I use to send you emails) but if you don't want to pay monthly fees use Quasi Hub.

You can also open up a blog where you could write about any niche or your choice with a related Youtube channel. Monetize your site with Adsense or Ezoic and with affiliate links (you might have signed up for)

Create a Professional email with Zoho at no charge, if you need more information reply to this email. You may want to signup for affiliate programs on different websites and using a Professional Email, you have more chances to be approved.

You realize that you need to set up a lot of things to accelerate your online business if you want to be your own boss and guaranteed to make a consistent income. I have created a list of all the tools and websites, it is a growing list be sure to bookmark it.

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