REVIEW: Read This Before Joining Super Affiliate System PRO By John Crestani (Updated 2023)

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Who is John Crestani

Video: John Crestani narrating his story on Now This

John Crestani, a 29-year-old successful affiliate marketer, created Super Affiliate System Pro. John, a college dropout, resides in Santa Monica, California. As a college dropout, he knew his chances of finding a decent job were minimal, so he decided to try his luck online. After a string of failures, John was finally able to launch a successful affiliate website centered on health products. 

John earns more than $500,000 per month, and his earnings are steadily increasing. He has appeared in a number of reputable online magazines, including Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Business Insider, Home Business Magazine, and Inc magazine. After experiencing tremendous success with affiliate marketing, he decided to create this program to teach others how to make money with affiliate marketing in the same way that he did.

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What is the Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System - Package

Super Affiliate System is a comprehensive, user-friendly training program designed to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. This 6-week training program will teach you little-known affiliate marketing secrets that will set you apart from the competition. It was a good course called internet 'jet set', and it taught people how to get started with affiliate marketing. 

This program has been around since 2015, but the newly released 2019 (Updated for 2022) version has a slew of amazing features that will assist you in becoming a super affiliate and earning a lot of money in the process. John Crestani has explained everything you need to know in simple and easy-to-understand language. The entire training course lasts approximately 6 weeks and includes more than 50 hours of content, daily homework, and weekly quizzes. 

Super Affiliate System is not like other 'bogus programs' that promise to make you rich in a matter of weeks. Before you can start making money with this program, you must first train hard and understand all of the techniques that the author has shared with you. It will take you about 6 weeks to finish the training and be ready to become a super affiliate. You do not need any prior knowledge of affiliate marketing to benefit from this program. This program is appropriate for anyone, including those with no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing.

What you're getting Super Affiliate System PRO

  • A video training that has won an education award from the Global Forum for Education & Learning
  • The best products to promote & the best ads to use (copy & paste)
  • A software with pre-configured pages, that can be used in minutes
  • ​A website editor, with hosting & a domain Provided at no additional cost
  • ​Weekly coaching calls, 24/7/365 support, and a no-risk 30-day guarantee
  • ​Traffic credits to get students started faster, a call with a growth coach, a 21-day roadmap, high ticket commission training, and we even pre-paid for a call with an expert to help our students with taxes and forming an LLC
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Super Affiliate System PRO Training Breakdown

Week 1: How to get everything set up
Week 2: Niche research, mindset, intent, and networks
Week 3: Copywriting skills
Week 4: Good and Bad Facebook ads
Week 5: Native ads and YouTube
Week 6: Scaling and automation
Week 7 (Bonus): Bing, Taboola ads and LinkedIn

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Examples of students' Testimonials

Do you want to make a six-figure salary working from home? If you answered yes, then this is for you. Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar business. Many people who have entered this market are making good money. If you want to make money online, this is one of the best online marketing niches to get into. 

However, in order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must possess a skill that only a few people possess, which is precisely what Super Affiliate System is all about. So, what exactly is this program about, and will it truly assist you in making money online? This training program will be reviewed in this article to help you decide whether it is worthwhile to invest in. techniques shared by the author in this program

It will take you about 6 weeks(or less) to finish the training and be ready to become a super affiliate. You do not need any prior knowledge of affiliate marketing to benefit from this program. This program is appropriate for anyone, including those with no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing. The author has shared well-researched information that he spent years accumulating.

What you need to get started.

It is obvious that the type of business you will be doing is affiliate marketing, which will be done online. You will also require a stable internet connection (for doing business and attending training). You could use your smartphone, but you'd be limited; a laptop with internet access is preferable.

How to join

If you're curious, you can buy the course after watching the free training video to understand where you're investing your money. But if you action taker, today right on this page you can get a discount when you buy the Super Affiliate System PRO today. 
The normal price was $1997. But now you can buy it for $997 

Buy it at $997 (about 50% OFF) + All bonuses worth $4000+ 

Yes, this is a lot of money, there is another payment option where you can make three payments of $397 and you also have an option to use Paypal Credit

The Super Affiliate System comes with a 30day no questions asked money back guarantee, when you don't feel like the System is worth it.

Finally, if you want to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, Super Affiliate System is the program for you. You will learn secrets that only the best affiliate marketers are aware of but are unwilling to share. This program is also suitable for beginners and is very simple to grasp.

Oriner is reader-supported any purchase you make, we earn a commission when you buy through our links. You won't be over Charged but offered a discount through our links.


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: The Super Affiliate System, and associated free training are NOT considered an income or business opportunity according to the Business Opportunity Rule § 437.1m; “that advertising and general advice about business development and training shall not be considered as ‘providing locations, outlets, accounts, or customers.’”. In good faith, Pendragon Labs LLC. is providing a One-Page Disclosure Document for purposes of consumer transparency. 

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: This business is NOT advertising a multi-level marketing or network marketing firm, as it does not fit the Koscot test under FTC law. Any individual, without any payment by participants, can become a part of the referral program by creating an account online here. Case reference: Koscot Interplanetary, Inc., 86 F.T.C. 1106, 1181 (1975). 

FRANCHISE: This business is NOT a franchise, as it fails the Beale’s Franchise Rule Test (Page 50, Franchise Definition) by neither: (1) permitting use of trademarks, (2) imposing significant control, or providing significant assistance to the business, (3) charging a required payment. * 

EARNINGS CLAIM STATEMENT: Pendragon Labs LLC. (aka The Super Affiliate System) is a company dedicated to helping people achieve their self-education, and self-employment goals. We provide quality online training programs to people who seek freedom of time, and freedom of location. This statement is available online through the link here..

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