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This article was originally posted on the MLMGateway website under Business Announcement by Katimbo John (Founder Oriner - Gasheer LLC Family)

Additions: To make money you have to work. there is no shortcut to earning more money. There are several ways to make money by helping others, including writing books, life coaching, and more.

The world of affiliate marketing is growing big. Many companies have moved away from running advertisements to getting leads from affiliate marketing. You refer your friends, workmates, family members, and more, but rather you may want to expand your reach to get more commission which is sometimes difficult. 

People will feel like you're trying to spam them. Since most of the companies will require your referral to pay or purchase something before you could earn. 

Here is the problem. It's a new company and promising unlimited income when you upgrade to a certain package. This is insane and many people you refer will most likely not join. It's like risking your money to a betting company. And these companies sell affiliate packages costly, who wants to see his/her money run down the drain, no one.

Let me first clear this, "I want to get rich overnight doing nothing " there is no such thing. There is no reward for being lazy,  you have to work your way through. 

Let's say you have a very good barber, yeah he/she makes your hair well. Since you go there more often, you become friends. One day you tell 'em that you will refer customers to his/her saloon. Okay,  so many customers will go there saying you referred them. Your barber will choose to reward you either by cash or several free haircuts. 

Have you paid money to refer customers, no! but many companies you have to pay and struggle to look for a referral to get rewards? I won't mention it.

Many people are looking for people to help them finish their projects and are willing to pay any price. You use social media almost every day, well that's a great thing to start with. Meet Fiverr Affiliate, here you will products or gigs you can promote and get paid when your referral pays for a service. You don't have to pay anything, it is as easy as you find services you too even love and promote them and get rewards.

You can as well sign up and start making money by providing a service to people vising the platform. By doing this you won't be sucked into a 9 to 5 job every day of the week. Be your own boss going things you're passionate about by helping others. Boss link here. I will be getting into the details of how to maximize your earning on Fiverr as a Freelance. Sign up for our newsletter so that you don't miss that article.

You can make up to $150 per day by just promoting services or providing the services yourself in your comfort zone. By doing this you are helping people get stuff done while you earn. 

Follow this link and start earning today as a Fiverr Affiliate or a Service provider here.

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